Los Alienges, City Of Aliens
Los Alienges, City Of Aliens
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Rafael Navarro and Ronald Huertas started the company way back when they were in high school. Rafael wanted to start a clothing company, so he went to his friend Ronald, during their lunch break and told him he had an idea for a clothing company and he wanted to call it Eclipse. That very same day they came up with the logo and haven't changed either the name or the logo of the company since. They began selling T-shirts to their classmates out of the trunk of a friends car, cause neither of them had a car yet. Whatever money they made went directly back to the company to pay for more product and designs. By the end of senior year, they had a lot of support from the entire school. A big motivator for them was when their teachers began purchasing clothes for themselves and for their own kids. Their teachers were very supportive and encouraged them to follow their dreams.

The theme of the company fell into place on its own, with the name eclipse it was only fitting that they wanted to reach for the stars. They wanted to incorporate outer space into their company. They've always had a fascination for outer space and the possibilities beyond our world. Stars, galaxies, UFO's, aliens, all of it. Eclipse Clothing is how they've interpreted what's out there in that beautiful space. They've created a world inside of Eclipse Clothing, and just like the universe, it is going to continue to grow.

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